About the work
The head, more than any other part of the body, tells about someone's state of mind and character. The glance, the mouth and the expression together afford a revealing view into our inner selves. To these, Marieloes Reek adds extra elements. Portrayed with bizarre headdresses and attributes, the figures depicted in her paintings reveal more of their associations, thoughts and emotions. Often, this leads to original visual inventions inspired by the need to avoid meaningless clichés. However, the characters themselves are not surprised. Faces with high eyes look at you calmly, or imperturbably regard what occupies them.

Although Marieloes Reek's paintings are often small in size, they all have a certain monumentality. Unambiguous forms, painted in naive style on empty backgrounds, focus the eye on what is really important. It is in that austerity that the beauty of Reek's work is found. Stripped of functionless decorum, the depicted person becomes a monument, raised in honour of his own, individual existence.

Text: Piet Bogaards; Gallery De Twee Pauwen